We're not go-

Every so often, a prospective sponsorship or communications client will ask us, “Go get us some coverage. Go get us a partnership. Go get us some likes.”
Our answer? Go get someone else.

That’s not what drives us. And it’s definitely not what creates the kinds of results our partners want

So instead of go-getting, we go and get completely immersed in your problem—to the point where we often find out it’s not the real one. That’s a big moment, and it only happens when we start by asking why you want to do something, not just what you want to do.

We get deep into your brand, culture and worldview, and what all the communities that matter to you are saying. The more we know about them, the better our success will be.

More than anything else, what we try to get to is a relationship.

Relationships are at
the core of the best
work, anywhere.

There are no shortcuts to great results or the relationships that create them. So, we take the time needed to cultivate subject knowledge, rapport, and trust — producing more open and effective discussions, better-informed insights, and more creative, collaborative work.

This applies to everyone we work with, from clients to media to influencers. Tapping into what gets people going makes all the difference. They’re already there before we’ve said a word.

Another way we build the environment for better relationships is by freeing it from the tyranny of time-keeping. We haven’t kept a time sheet in ten years. You’re buying results, not seconds.

And since this page is about us…

We’re small by design. That’s who we are, how we work best. There’s no fifth Beatle. We keep our client list small, too. We’d rather grow our reputation.
We were hiring exciting, talented, curious people completely unrelated to our core disciplines of media relations and sponsorship decades before it became a thing. Our people often leave then come back, because they’re not go-getters, and because they’re excited about the work we’re doing and how we’re doing it. The same applies to many of our clients, some of whom have worked with us for over 20 years.

In fact, as good brands need to speak to more and more kinds of lived experiences than ever before, our diversity of experience and interest might be our biggest asset.

Our Values


We start with questions and love to explore. New themes, new ideas, new stories, and new partners excite us. We love learning about what keeps our clients up at night, and how we can jump in. We stay on top of changes in our world so we can grow and offer fresh and engaging strategies that win.


We don’t stop at a ‘no’. We know how to do a lot with a little. Whether it's limited budgets, time constraints, or unexpected hurdles, we are experts in creative solutions and figuring out the best way forward to ensure impact and value most efficiently.


We’re all humans with lives outside of work. Empathy ensures we’re really in partnership with each other and our clients, and the more we know, the more we understand.


It's no secret – our world changes fast. We have to know how to turn on a dime and get ahead of new trends, technologies and circumstances. We help you remain relevant and effective in a dynamic environment.


We hold our work to a high standard. From concept creation to execution, from valuation to sales, our commitment to excellence builds credibility and trust. We know that leads to successful and impactful outcomes for each of our partners.

Start the relationship.

Who knows what might happen when we get to know each other? Start by joining our contact list here. We won’t email unless it’s worth your while.